MikeInBrazil – Monique

Publicado noviembre 5, 2011 por xtra1966

Hey Gringos! Today we bring you Monique. A great little friend of mine and a training freak! Moniique was all into the crossfit craze so I thought I would meet up with her. She promised to train if I could show her some fun. So I call Loupan and take her up on the offer. Of course I bring my trusty camera and give you the best Brazil has to offer! Lee el resto de la entrada →

I Have a Wife – Katie Jordin

Publicado noviembre 5, 2011 por xtra1966

Katie Jordin is two months behind on her rent, which is why she finds her landlord Mr. Strong putting an eviction notice on her door. She tells him it’s a misunderstanding and that she’ll pay him, but when she can’t find her checkbook, being the sexy stripper that she is, she offers to give him free lapdances for a year. Katie starts stripping and dancing for her landlord, but when he tells her he still needs the money, she ups it a degree and sucks his hard cock! After a nice lessor-lessee fuck session, Katie says she’ll pay him when she whenever she wants or else she’ll tell his wife! Lee el resto de la entrada →


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